Late spring is a great time to remodel the interior of your home. The doors can be flung open, the temperature is modest, and you are not trapped indoors with the contractors. But why the bathroom?


  • High resale value. If you are worried about the investment, know that bathrooms top the list for project ROI. Bathroom remodeling frequently recovers more than 50% of the project costs, and it may climb above 70%. It is important to understand what is trending on the market before drawing up a design plan. Trends loosely dictate design desirability.


  • Increase space. Storage, floor, and shelving space – the ways your bathroom can be compartmentalized are numerous. Bathroom efficiency affects getting ready before work, bed, and big events. If you have children, you likely have multiple toothbrushes, deodorants, extra towels, and more crammed into little cabinets. Summit Painting and Remodeling can help you identify ways to streamline your space.


  • Home aesthetic. Isn’t it time you start doing things your own way? Not only will an improved bathroom correct tiny leaks or bad water flow, but it will also improve your peace of mind. Choose colors and textures that improve your home’s feng shui and help you relax after a long day of work.