Fresh paint can effectively alter a room’s ambiance, but it can be scary to change an entire room’s color theme. A simple way to try out a bright color or freshen up a neutral space is to add an accent wall. It requires less paint and can make a bolder statement.

Rich colors on a single wall can make a room pop without becoming overwhelming. Perhaps you’re drawn to a certain color for your home décor but haven’t been brave enough to use it as a paint color. An accent wall can be great for kids’ rooms, too, because it will be easier to change once they grow up. If the wall still seems like too much for your space, try breaking it up with neutral hanging shelves or artwork.

Alternatively, neutral color accent walls create more subtle contrasts. Try using a lighter or darker shade than your existing paint color on one of your walls.

How to Choose a Color?

  1. Examine your space. Are there colors you want to highlight in any artwork, pillows, blankets, or furniture?
  2. Consider mood. Do you want to create a soothing space or add energy to one of your central living areas?
  3. Lighting Matters! Natural light gives the truest color. Incandescent lights highlight warm colors, while fluorescent lights cast bluer tones. Test your color before committing; paint a poster board and hang it where you want to paint.

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