Remodeling can be exciting, but figuring out your specific style can also be difficult. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, use these trendy themes for inspiration.


Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom by bringing in an old world theme. Paint walls a dark color, such as black, deep blue, or burgundy. Add brushed gold or antique silver fixtures, and replace your bath or shower with a claw foot tub. Incorporate some glamour by attaching a crystal chandelier to the ceiling.


If you prefer a more country feel, opt for a farmhouse-style bathroom. Start by placing wood paneling along the walls and ceilings. Cover the paneling with a few coats of white or cream colored paint to give it that fresh country ambience. Add a claw foot tub and pedestal sink to keep the room simple. Use soft, white window treatments for an airy touch.


Incorporating the outdoors in your bathroom can be relaxing. Install a living wall on one side of your shower. The plants will love the humidity, and you’ll feel like you’re showering outdoors. If adding plants to your bathroom isn’t your style, paint one of your walls a shade of natural green to bring in an outdoor feel.

Do any of these stand out to you? If you’re ready to start on your bathroom remodel, visit our experts at Summit Painting and Remodeling, LLC.