How to Find the Right Contractor

The toughest part of renovating a home is finding the right contractor for the job. Finding the best one for your home, the professional that delivers quality work on time and on budget, takes serious legwork and screening on your part. Most home renovation nightmares can be prevented with the right contractor vetting. Here are [...]

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How to Choose Your Hardwood Floor

One of the most popular flooring choices for many homeowners is a hardwood floor. Hardwood is more insulating than stone or tile, combines warmth and style, and comes in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. The following are a few of the common woods used in hardwood floors.   White oak. The heartwood of [...]

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Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floor

A hardwood floor is a beautiful addition to any home. Once you have yours installed, though, taking care of it properly is a must. With these simple steps, you can keep your hardwood floor as shiny and beautiful as the day it was installed: Don't use regular cleaning products. Average household cleaning products have chemicals [...]

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Energy Efficient Remodeling

Remodeling your home is a great opportunity to help the environment. Options for green remodeling are expanding every day, and not all of them are expensive. Consider these remodeling ideas to make your home greener.   Reclaimed wood floors. Hardwood floors are stunningly beautiful. You can add this flooring to your home without cutting down [...]

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Preparing Your Home for Winter

It looks like a cold winter is on the horizon once again this year. If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow or harsh weather, it's important to protect your home. Winterizing your home can save you money in heating costs as well as remodeling costs. Here are some ways [...]

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Remodeling on a Budget

If you think remodeling is only for rich people, think again! The benefits of remodeling are available to you even on a strict budget. Since remodeling adds value to your home, in the long run it can be a smart financial decision.   When you want to remodel and aren't made of money, the two [...]

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The Keys to a Successful Kitchen Remodel

Starting a kitchen remodel is a large investment of time and money. Before getting into this type of project, it’s wise to consider expert advice to save money and help guarantee a successful outcome. In many cases, spending the extra money for a professional kitchen remodel is worth the difference in cost. This is due [...]

Finishing Your Basement

For some people, the basement is a room to store unwanted appliances, furniture, and other household items. It is an unfinished room which has been converted into a workshop, a laundry room, or a storage area for old paint and construction materials. While this treatment of the basement as a second garage may be perfect [...]

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Pressure Washing for Summer

Summer is the best time to clean the exterior of a house and pressure washers make it easy. For homes with multiple stories, the high-pressure water can reach the second floor and rinse away dirt and mold growing on siding or under the roof pitch. Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning aluminum, wood, and vinyl [...]

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Do-It-Yourself: How to Install Cabinets

Cabinets are an important feature of any home. Playing both aesthetic and functional roles, cabinets need to be secure, safe, and easy to use. For the do-it-yourself individual, installing cabinets can save money. Installing new cabinets is a great way to give kitchens or bathrooms a newly renovated look. Here are some tips for successful [...]

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