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Is it Time for a New Coat of Paint?

How can you tell if your home’s interior or exterior is in need of a new coat of paint? For starters, if the paint is cracking, peeling or otherwise looking rough around the edges, it is definitely time for a new coat of paint. If your paint looks scuffed, damaged or stained you should also [...]

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How To Choose the Best Shade of White

Sometimes the hardest paint decision can be which white to paint a room. It seems like such a simple color choice, but a quick look at any paint swatch book reveals the hundreds of variations on white. White can contain hues of blue, red, yellow, or green. While it’s always a good idea to test [...]

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Improve Your Home’s Value With Paint

The paint you put on the walls inside and outside your home will affect the overall look of your house. If you’re planning to stay in your home for several years, you can choose wild, bright, or fun colors. If you plan on moving, renting, or making another change, however, the right color can make [...]

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Accents for Fall – an Easy Way to Freshen up a Room

Fresh paint can effectively alter a room’s ambiance, but it can be scary to change an entire room’s color theme. A simple way to try out a bright color or freshen up a neutral space is to add an accent wall. It requires less paint and can make a bolder statement. Rich colors on a [...]

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The 4 Best Paint Trends for 2015

Paint colors number in the thousands, and with each new year comes more shades. Designers develop new trends every year, showcasing fresh new ways to infuse your home with color. This year's trends span the spectrum, so there's something for every decor style. Dreamy, Deep Hues Deep colors don't always make a room look dark. [...]

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Ways to Brighten Your Home for Spring

Spring is approaching, but does your house feel warm, open, and “springy” yet? If the answer is no, there are steps you can take to brighten your home without spending large amounts of money. Summit Painting Solutions would like to offer a few tips, many of which can be combined with regular spring cleaning.   [...]

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Superior Exterior House Painting for Knoxville, TN

A tired-looking exterior can definitely make a house feel less like home. Some pick-me-ups are easy, though: a fresh paint job can do wonders to completely transform the look and feel of the outside of your home. It takes less time and money than almost any other remodeling project, and will also help protect your [...]

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