Simple Summer Maintenance Checklist

With summer just around the corner, you may wonder if you home is prepared for the change in seasons. Here is a short list of simple ways to keep your home in great shape for the upcoming hot summer days. Check Air-Conditioning Units Make sure your AC is working properly to ensure your home stays [...]

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How To Choose the Best Shade of White

Sometimes the hardest paint decision can be which white to paint a room. It seems like such a simple color choice, but a quick look at any paint swatch book reveals the hundreds of variations on white. White can contain hues of blue, red, yellow, or green. While it’s always a good idea to test [...]

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Accents for Fall – an Easy Way to Freshen up a Room

Fresh paint can effectively alter a room’s ambiance, but it can be scary to change an entire room’s color theme. A simple way to try out a bright color or freshen up a neutral space is to add an accent wall. It requires less paint and can make a bolder statement. Rich colors on a [...]

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Boost Your Mood by Changing a Room

Enhancing your mood can be as simple as changing the interior of your home. And, you can do it without reaching too far into your pockets. That’s right – rearranging can feel a lot like remodeling if you do it effectively. Here are a few tips we’ve learned to boost your mood and make your [...]

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