Finishing Tile Edges

Searching for tile that fits your space and lifestyle can be fun and challenging at the same time. Fortunately there are many places online these days to search for pictures of spaces with tile such as Houzz, Pinterest or even under images on search engines such as google. If that's not enough visiting local tile [...]

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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall home maintenance. It's that time of year again, already. Man that last beach vacation was just too short! Oh well, maybe next year. Fall is upon us and now is the time to ensure your home is properly protected before the winter months arrive.  A good visual check of your house and property is [...]

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Refinishing a Front Door

Refinishing Your Front Door   The front door of your home is generally a focal point of the front of your house. A well kept front door gives an inviting feel to your home. For many homes the front door is painted but for some homes the door is stained and varnished. Over time the [...]

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Is it Time for a New Coat of Paint?

How can you tell if your home’s interior or exterior is in need of a new coat of paint? For starters, if the paint is cracking, peeling or otherwise looking rough around the edges, it is definitely time for a new coat of paint. If your paint looks scuffed, damaged or stained you should also [...]

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