Remodeling your home is a great opportunity to help the environment. Options for green remodeling are expanding every day, and not all of them are expensive. Consider these remodeling ideas to make your home greener.


  1. Reclaimed wood floors. Hardwood floors are stunningly beautiful. You can add this flooring to your home without cutting down any new trees by choosing reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is recycled, and often comes free of toxins in its backing. Reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular as a green alternative to traditional wood floors.
  2. Tempered glass. Energy is commonly lost through the windows in your home. By choosing low-E tempered glass rather than traditional, you can reduce energy loss by as much as 50%. A less expensive alternative is adding a film to current windows.
  3. Bioethanol powered fireplaces. Buying firewood is expensive, and chopping it yourself is a lot of work. Both are bad for the environment. The smoke released from wood fires is also a pollutant. Choose a bioethanol fireplace instead. This energy source doesn’t release smoke and heats your room efficiently. These fireplaces come at a variety of costs, making them accessible for everyone.


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