Searching for tile that fits your space and lifestyle can be fun and challenging at the same time. FortunatIMG_4459ely there are many places online these days to search for pictures of spaces with tile such as Houzz, Pinterest or even under images on search engines such as google. If that’s not enough visiting local tile stores to see displays can spur the imagination. Another big consideration when searching for tile is how the edges of the tile will be finished. This is often overlooked but has to be considered to avoid having tile stopping with a large grout line. I will explain a few methods to finish the edge of your tile.

There are situations where no consideration is needed for finishing the edge of tile. Floors of course do not need anything other than quarter round trim moulding at baseboards. Certain kitchen backsplashes won’t need to be finished if they end at cabinetry or door and window trim. But, sometimes backsplashes will need an edge or two finished somehow if they end at a countertop with a wall that continues into a room. One of the most common areas that need tile to be finished is in showers. The following examples will be for showers but their use can relate to any need to finish tile edging.

  1. The first option and most traditional way of finishing the edge of tile is to use a bullnose tile. This is simply a tile piece with a rounded, finished edge that coordinates with the main tile. Many times a certain tile you may choose will have bullnose pieces that match the regular tile.Wood bullnose In this case you may choose to buy the matching bullnose tiles to finish the edge of your shower. But if there is no matching bullnose tile for the tile you choose you can also find another type of tile that has a bullnose that might have coordinating colors and patterns but this is usually not a common approach.
  2. Another approach to finishing the edge of your tile is to use a trim moulding. These aIMG_6161re similar to bullnose in that they are usually rounded. Common types of tile moulding are pencil tiles and chair rail tiles or ogee tiles. These tiles can actually bring a focus to the edge of the tile and give it a more P1030172pronounced look. These types of tiles are commonly used in natural stone applications but are certainly not limited to natural stone. One advantage over bullnose when use mouldings is it doesn’t have to match the main tile and can even be chosen as a different type of tile to provide an accent to give the finished design extra pop.
  3. The final option I include is to use metal edging trim pieces. This is a newer approach but has gained momentum lately and is one of the most common approach these days to finishing the edge of tile. The metal edging in itself comes in many different finishes to match the finish of your faucets and other fixtures. They are commonly available in chrome, brushed nickel and rubbed bronze buIMG_6322t are also available in a larger range of finishes. These pieces can be used to finish any corners or where the tile stops at the edge of a shower and the wall continues into the bathroom.metal edge







Remember, shopping for tile for your new space can be fun and exciting but don’t overlook the smaller details that will ensure a cleaner more streamlined look. Any of the above options will work with what you choose. With the wide range of available information on the internet I encourage you to do simple searches with your favorite search engine for more examples of the options I have described here. Simply type, “bullnose tile” or “tile mouldings” or “tile metal edging” for an endless supply of examples. We at Summit Painting and Remodeling are always available as well in choosing the right finish for your tile project.