One of the most popular flooring choices for many homeowners is a hardwood floor. Hardwood is more insulating than stone or tile, combines warmth and style, and comes in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. The following are a few of the common woods used in hardwood floors.


  • White oak. The heartwood of this species is light brown, while the sapwood is much lighter. It is great for machining, though when being installed one should consider pre-drilling the holes and nailing the floor in by hand. It is a relatively hard and durable wood and is readily available.


  • Southern yellow pine. A lighter colored wood than oak, pine heartwood is an orange/light brown color while the sapwood is can be almost a yellowish white shade. It is great for machining and is durable but quite soft, so it may be susceptible to scuffing and scratching.


  • This is a very hard, dense wood, great for machining and exceptionally durable. It varies in color from light to dark brown with a reddish tint. It is 63 percent more stable than northern red oak and 82 percent harder.


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