It looks like a cold winter is on the horizon once again this year. If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow or harsh weather, it’s important to protect your home. Winterizing your home can save you money in heating costs as well as remodeling costs. Here are some ways to weather proof your home:


  • Add insulation. Insulation costs a little extra money. However, the money saved in heating costs makes it more than worth it. Insulating the attic is particularly important. In the winter, a lot of heat escapes through the attic.
  • Repair ducts. Ducts are a common route through which heat escapes, and old ducts distribute heat poorly through the house. Before winter settles in, confirm your ducts are in working order.
  • Take care of your windows. Storm windows are a great way to insulate your home. If you can’t afford storm windows, there are other options. Any hardware store sells sheets of plastic to stretch over your windows for the winter. This also helps keep the heat in.
  • Fill holes and cracks. A simple caulking gun is a cheap and easy way to fill cracks in your wall.


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