With the long and dreary winter almost gone, and spring time on its way, you might be ready for warm outside get-togethers and social events hosted on your back porch. But is your house as ready for spring as you are? Is your home’s siding or porch black or green with mold? Are your shutters in need or a fresh coat or paint? Do you have a deck that needs attention?

Pressure washing can remove the mold buildup from the vinyl, concrete or bricks you may have on or around you home. The mold can be black or green, and is not an attractive addition to a spring home. Summit Painting and Remodeling can assist you in cleaning up this unwanted mold on the outside of your home. Pressure washing can be a long and physically taxing task when done without experience, but with Summit it can be done easily.

Outdoor shutters can appear dull in color after a harsh winter. Painting shutters is an easy way to make you house appear brighter and cleaner. Choose a color to compliment the rest of your home, or if you want a change in pace, choose a vibrant spring color to rid your home of the dreary winter look.

If you have a deck, you may know how the cold can cause the wood to splinter and the color to be drained. Summit Painting and Remodeling can restore your deck to its former beauty without hassle. With proper care and staining, you deck can be spring ready in time for your spring social events.

With clean patios, restored decks and freshly painted shutters, your home will be as ready fro spring as you are.