Summer is the best time to clean the exterior of a house and pressure washers make it easy. For homes with multiple stories, the high-pressure water can reach the second floor and rinse away dirt and mold growing on siding or under the roof pitch. Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning aluminum, wood, and vinyl sidings.

In severe cases of mold, a commercial power washer will have the strength to clean what the average power washer cannot. This doesn’t render the average power washer useless, however. They are great for washing cars, boats, and patio furniture. With the right kind of nozzle, power washers are also effective at cleaning decks, fences, and brick.

Of course, safety is always important. Pressure washing can turn dangerous if not performed correctly. Pressure washers have enough power to break windows and it is necessary to avoid using these units near sources of electricity or lights. Use the correct pressure nozzle corresponding with the job at hand (if the power washer came with different nozzle tips) and stand far enough away from what you are cleaning.

The closer you stand when washing, the more pressure the water exerts. Standing too close may cause damage to the surface you are attempting to clean. Gasoline engine pressure washers are more powerful than electric power washers, but both need to be handled carefully.

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