Knoxville Interior Painting Services

Summit Painting and Remodeling provides a broad range of interior painting services, all based on a thorough knowledge of surface preparation and repair, paint selection and finishing techniques. Our professional painters will ensure the job is carried out in a professional manner using the best industry standards. Our selection of interior painting services includes interior wall and ceiling painting, trim and door painting, drywall repair, wallpaper removal and kitchen cabinet painting.

Care is Taken with our Knoxville Interior Painting Services

All of our interior painting projects are carefully assessed from the initial estimate through job completion ensuring the work is priced fairly and the intended results are achieved. Care is taken of the property and belongings by covering furniture with new plastic, covering floors with clean drop cloths and using appropriate furniture sliders where needed to move furniture. All areas where work is performed are thoroughly cleaned after the work and furniture is moved back to its original place. Our professionals know the difference caring for your home and belongings can make.

Knoxville Painting Contractor Provides Satisfaction

A typical interior painting project will include drywall repair where needed, sealing of any stains on the surfaces, applying the correct type of primer if necessary and caulking any loose joints or cracks in trim moldings. Our professional painters are well equipped with tools and knowledge to carry out these steps, ensuring a long lasting finished product. So if you’re ready to liven up the interior of your home with fresh paint, contact us today for a free estimate.