With summer just around the corner, you may wonder if you home is prepared for the change in seasons. Here is a short list of simple ways to keep your home in great shape for the upcoming hot summer days.

Check Air-Conditioning Units

Make sure your AC is working properly to ensure your home stays cool during the hot weather. Replace your air filters regularly to avoid exposing yourself, family or guests from excessive dust. In addition to replacing air filters to ensure a higher quality of air, you should also clean off any ceiling fans you have in your home. To clean a ceiling fan, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the tops of the fan blades off. This will help freshen the air and help cut down on the spread of dust.

Wash Windows

Spring time is notorious for pollen, which can get caked onto surfaces such as your exterior windows. In addition to the exterior looking refreshed and summer ready, you can also enjoy some extra light that can now enter your home (meaning you can save some money on your electric bill!).

Garden Maintenance

Weed your gardens and begin a watering plan for your already established plants. Try watering your garden heavily a couple of times a week, instead of a little bit daily. This can improve plant’s abilities to endure harsh summer heat and possible droughts.

Clean Up Decks, Patios and Porches

Nice weather means more time outdoors with family or friends. For decks, hammer in any nails that may have risen up and make sure that the wood is properly sealed. Painted patios can be swept and mopped to look clean and ready for guests. Concrete porches can be swept and pressure-washed to appear new again.