A deck is one of the top items homebuyers look for in a new house. Having an outdoor living space serves to increase the square footage of a house and gives more space for entertaining. This is a great area to spend time with family and friends, or to enjoy a quiet solo meal al fresco.

Having a deck built is no small task. There is planning that must happen ahead of time to ensure happiness with the completed project. Use these tips for planning a new deck construction, or when replacing an old deck:

  1. Measure precisely: Be sure your yard has enough room for installing a deck. Some yards can easily look overwhelmed by the addition of a deck. Measure out the exact space a deck would fill and see if this covers too much of the yard.
  2. Pick a material carefully: Wood, vinyl, and composite are the primary choices for deck materials. Know the strengths of each. Wood is valued for aesthetic appeal, composite for durability, and vinyl for low maintenance.
  3. Consider multiple levels: Especially if you want to use the deck for multiple purposes, consider designing it with multiple levels. That way there will be unique areas for lounging, grilling, and dining.

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