Spring is approaching, but does your house feel warm, open, and “springy” yet? If the answer is no, there are steps you can take to brighten your home without spending large amounts of money. Summit Painting Solutions would like to offer a few tips, many of which can be combined with regular spring cleaning.


Consider New Colors


Spring is an ideal time to paint your home’s interior and exterior because the temperatures and air are warmer, making ventilation easier. If you’re painting a room with handcrafted furniture or wood floors, consider neutral colors so the focus will be on interior design. If your rooms feel too dark or small, use yellows, soft oranges, reds, or teals. Mint, blue, or lavender are all great calming shades for nurseries, bathrooms, or dens. For exteriors, stay neutral. Light colors and neutrals make your home seem larger and are less likely to clash with neighbors’ homes. Don’t use accent colors like purple or yellow; they will stick out too much and may draw attention to unattractive areas like gutters.


Clean or Eliminate Carpet


Over the winter, your carpet probably accumulated new stains, rips, or natural wear and tear. If your loved ones have allergy or respiratory issues, the carpet probably aggravated those, as well. Clean your carpet thoroughly this spring or hire professionals to do so. If you feel bold, get rid of your carpet and replace it with hardwood floors, particularly in well-traveled areas like dens and kitchens. If you’re unsure how to care for hardwood, ask us for help.