You may be tempted to hibernate this winter, but instead, why not consider a cold-weather remodeling project? There are a number of projects begging to be taken care of during the bleak winter months, and a kitchen or a bath remodel are just two. Avoid the post-holiday blues by planning and executing a kitchen or bath remodel.

There are some definite advantages to scheduling a remodeling project in the winter months, including:

  • Contractor availability. Many contractors experience less demand in the colder months, meaning you may be able to get your preferred contractor at a great rate.
  • Supply discounts. Many home supply stores also experience a winter lull, and as a result they tend to have big sales this time of year. You could snag materials for your project at a great price.
  • Time. You have all the time in the world to sit down and plan out the details of your perfect remodel while the snow is falling outside.

There are plenty of great reasons to remodel this winter. If you decide to do so, contact Summit Painting and Remodeling to get started.